The 6 Belgian sustainable fashion brands that you’ll love.

The sustainable fashion scene is spreading in Belgium. People have become more sensitive and aware of the impact of fashion on the environment. There is a significant increase in concern about waste and pollution. Some older brands are slowly changing their work ethic, while some brands were born with the philosophy of being eco-friendly. Here are six of our favourite Belgian brands, which make the world a better place and provide incredible looks.

Article by Alicia De Vrieze


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Conscious Antwerp is the newest member of the sustainable Belgian fashion brands. The brand was founded in Antwerp, with sustainability in mind from start to finish. They launched in 2020 and say their mission is to prove that making sustainable, fashionable and affordable clothing is possible. For their first micro collection of sweaters, they collected only the best quality yarns that were leftover from other brands. They upcycled these waste materials to create beautiful timeless knitwear sweaters that should be the basis of your winter wardrobe. Their production is done 100% in Belgium, ensuring that every item is made fairly and keeping the production cycle as short as possible to minimise CO² emissions. So if you want to shop guiltfree and make more conscious clothing choices, Conscious Antwerp is the new sustainable brand for you!

You will be able to find Conscious Antwerp online and in the local store ‘Edo Collective’.

Go as u.r

Go as u.r.

@go as u.r

With lots of colours, volume and movement, Go as u.r creates vegan activewear and beauty products that convey a feeling of simplicity and freedom. They defend diversity and celebrate expression and freedom! They use high performance and low impact inventive materials.

Go as u.r was designed and created in Antwerp and is produced in Europe, the brand represents urban minimalism.

New products are not seasonally adjusted. Do you want to purchase some items from the spring collection with wood pulp, organic cotton, or recovered sea fishing nets? Unfortunately, you have to wait, the new items are only placed twice a year.

Want to save money? Send your RePack back. The company receives the packaging, checks, cleans, and redistributes. This method allows you to receive a 10% discount in all stores.

Toujours Sincère

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Henry Wuyts launched his first sustainable fashion project, Toujours Sincère, in 2018 with a spring/summer collection. The TJSC sends an important message to young people: it is important to express emotions and feelings, by releasing negative feelings it is possible to give way to creativity and love. Surrounding himself with the right people, who supported and inspired him, Wuyst realized his dream of launching himself into the market with the unisex streetwear brand, which provides eccentric and fresh fashion, printed in Belgium on organic cotton. If you live in or around Ghent consider yourself lucky!

Wuyts personally delivers his organic cotton shirts and pullovers.



Have you ever heard of flag bags? When the environmental department of the city of Hasselt brought in a lot of flags in our Kringwinkel in 2008, they decided to use them as raw material for unique and durable shopping bags. And that’s how Flagbag was born.

The coloured flags are used as raw material for the current production of fun bags and accessories, as well as: bicycle bags, personal hygiene bags, computer bags, shoulder bags, cell phone cases, even make American games and networks.

If you like different and unusual products do not waste time and be surprised when visiting physical stores. This brand has three stores: Hasselt, Sint-Truiden, and Genk.

Ornament Hemp

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Combining the love of clothes with the love of sustainable entrepreneurship, the timeless Ornament Hemp brand created by Emilio de Baudringhien appears on the market, which consists of a unique piece cut and sewn by hand.

This brand intends to end consumerism to protect the world.

Hemp, bamboo, and recycled PET are some of the sustainable materials that Emilio uses for his production to set a new standard in the current fashion market. Ornament Hemp mentions that “everything is done locally, with love”.

Façon Jacmin

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In 2016, the Belgian twins Alexandra and Ségolène Jacmin joined forces to create a new, modern, and more sustainable denim wardrobe for the taste of all women. Façon Jacmin means handmade denim with attitude.

The objective of the Jacmin sisters is to give more security to the woman, to value her seductive side, diversifying and refining the denim.

The brand launched three types of ecologically positive collections. Currently, the studio recycles 99% of the water used!

FAÇON JACMIN was awarded the “Best Talent 2016” by C’est du Belge / RTBF, and a year later, in 2017, an award for “Best Emerging Talent” at the Belgian Fashion Awards.

You can go to a brand studio in Antwerp and Brussels.