Hello! Meet CONSCIOUS ANTWERP, and what we stand for.

If you love stylish and sustainable design as much as we do, you've come to the right place. CONSCIOUS ANTWERP is a new clothing concept created and designed by Nikki Elewaut, with an eye for both style and sustainability from start to finish. By combining the principles of ethical and sustainable entrepreneurship with a passion for quality creation and design CONSCIOUS ANTWERP transformed from dream to reality.
Our mission is to offer stylish and high-quality items with a luxurious appearance, which are locally produced with sustainable use of materials. This way you know that our clothing is not only unique in design but also in value, because we consciously want to contribute to fair local production with minimal use of new materials and minimal CO2 impact. For a healthier environment and a more conscious consumer.
Our design and vision adds value, meaning and quality and also determines the external features such as shape, color, texture and dimension. Our design is unique in appearance due to the combination of individuality and simplicity. Our vision is unique because we want to become big by staying small, so we don't do any harm. Through our minimal designs and inspiring vision we created a style with its own identity that can be recognized as timeless, qualitative, conscious and chic.  

'Conscious is the new Chic'