How we work on sustainability

Every product we offer is designed with love, passion and knowledge of aesthetics and sustainability. And it is also produced in an environmentally friendly and ethical way, with the aim of a more conscious consumer, a more sustainable society and a healthier planet. And all this for a price where everyone in the production chain has also been fairly reimbursed. You can read how we do this below.

Our production

In order to produce clothing that is as sustainable and qualitative as possible, we started researching slow fashion design, materials, the different production methods and the logistical and ecological impact of all these different options. Ultimately, we ended up with a minimalist and timeless design, the use of material surpluses, and local production to keep our production chain as short, honest and transparent as possible.


Our Materials

For the production of our clothing we use surpluses of yarns and fabrics from other brands. Many major brands and producers all too often have a 'leftover' of fabrics and yarns from previous collections that they no longer use. And if the stock of all these surpluses becomes too large, they sometimes simply go to the waste. We select the highest quality yarns and fabrics from these surpluses, thus saving these materials from oblivion and the mountain of waste. In this way we give them a useful second life for the production of our collections.  And because no new materials need to be produced for our clothing, there is no CO2 impact. A win-win! And because we don't do mass production, it's always limited edition so that you get a limited edition piece. ;)